Moustache, Loving and Twist are a collection of bone china cups which have the capacity of a mug yet with the refined qualities of a china tea cup. The Moustache cup protects one's upper lip or moustache from dipping in one's drink, it also guards against cappuccino moustaches. The two handles on the Loving cup aides passing hot drinks, and also references the traditional celebration cups. The final cup in this collection is the Twist cup which creates a spiralling vortex when the hot beverage is stirred.

        loving and twist scallop cups

                                                   Loving Cup and two stacked Twist cups

         Approximate dimensions: Loving cup (17cm wide x 8.5cm tall), Twist cup (14.5cm wide x 8.5cm tall) and  Moustache cup (14.5cm x 8.5cm)

                                          £55 Each and available in a selection of colours 

         scallop cup collection

                                                           Two loving cups, Moustache cup and Twist cup.